Parc Esta Unit Availability

Important Note: To secure your choice unit at Parc Esta please call 6100-0170 to tentatively reserve it before coming to the showflat in order to avoid disappointment. We can hold the unit only until the end of the day. Units are selling fast and availability is strictly based on first come first serve basis. You will be entitled to the Direct Developer Price with no commission required to be paid. If you wish to visit the showflat first before making a decision, kindly Book An Appointment here or call us at 6100-0170.

Recent Unit Sales History

LAST UPDATED: 24th January 2020

Important Notice: The Parc Esta Unit Availability Chart displayed here is solely for reference and informational purposes only. Unit availability is subject to change without prior notice as potentially right now a sale is being made. We cannot be held responsible at all whatsoever for any inaccuracies, omissions, errors and/or disputes. For more details please refer to our Disclaimer.

***Displaying recently (1 month) sold units only***

12-01-2020:  Units #13-68, #04-29 and #04-45 sold

11-01-2020:  Units #15-05, #01-77 and #04-76 sold

10-01-2020:  Unit #18-29 sold

09-01-2020:  Units #07-01, #10-17 and #07-09 sold

08-01-2020:  Units #17-16 and #17-23 sold

07-01-2020:  Unit #12-68 sold

06-01-2020:  Units #03-69 and #17-61 sold

02-01-2020:  6 units sold

29-12-2019:  Unit #16-62 sold

28-12-2019:  Unit #01-11 sold

27-12-2019:  Units #11-17 and #12-12 sold

22-12-2019:  Units #11-11, #15-04 and #09-68 sold

21-12-2019:  Unit #06-01 sold

20-12-2019:  Unit #08-68 and #14-17 sold

19-12-2019:  Unit #12-10 sold

18-12-2019:  Unit #01-02 sold

16-12-2019:  4 units sold – in total 1,000 units (71%) sold

15-12-2019:  6 units sold

13-12-2019:  4 units sold

11-12-2019:  Unit #18-19 sold

09-12-2019:  Unit #09-69 sold

08-12-2019:  Units #13-75 and #18-53 sold

07-12-2019:  4 units  sold

06-12-2019:  Units #08-62 and #12-61 sold

05-12-2019:  Units #02-35, #01-23 and #11-24 sold

And many more before that, this is not a complete list. For updated unit availability please book an appointment at the showflat or call 6100-0170.

***Displaying recently sold units only***

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